Ways To Manage Notification On Android Smartphones

Today Android users are avail with so many apps like games, entertainments, comic, messaging apps and Facebook etc. Moreover, you download more and more apps in your personal Android device, while it hampers you when too much notification you have to bear.

It is very important to manage the notification that comes quite often in your Android Smartphone. Sometimes, it happens that as soon you turn the data on, all the notification comes together. It doesn’t mean that it’s not important, but sometimes it really distracts you while you are doing some important task with your Smartphone.

So, getting easy with the app notification, you can now block or make off some less important notifications i.e., of less important like games. The notification that comes from News Hunt apps, hike, messenger, email, WhatsApp etc are really necessary but not always. Thus, you can turn on anytime you want restricted notifications or else select some important apps notification and block it permanently.

Best ways to manage the Android notification:

  • Turn your phone to priority mood

You can now keep yourself away from the unwanted notification, by simply setting your phone to priority mood. If you want to check your notification later on free time, you can check it out by easily accessing to it. You can enable the phone in a priority mood by going to Setting. Here you will find ‘Sound and Notification’ go to it and tap Interruption. This will automatically block all the messages by turning the toggled on.

If you want only limited number of the person to contact you during the working hours, you can now easily select your favourites by choosing the ‘Stared contacts only” option. It will allow you to mark or star the person who matters much to you.

  • You can now easily turn your Gmail’s Priority Inbox

 The Gmail Priority inbox guides you to enable the Gmail notification only leaving rest of the inboxes off. This way you will able to manage rest of your notifications and look it later when you are free. 

For this process, first, open your Gmail and tab the menu which is placed on the left corner of the phone screen. Now, go to the setting and navigate to Gmail account and select ‘Inbox Type’ and tab to ‘Priority Inbox’. To enable only Gmail messages in your phone tab to ‘Manage Labels’. This way you will be only availed with the Gmail notification and avoid the rest.

  • You can turn off the lock screen notification

Sometimes, there come certain situations when you get really frustrated regarding this notification that comes in your lock-screen. While you are doing any important work on your PC, it happens that some notification keeps blinking in your mobile lock-screen, in spite of keeping your mobile in silent mode.So, if you feel the importance or the urgent need to block those unwanted messages that come on your locked screen and lights up your screen every now and then, you must know how to block this.

Go to Setting and tab Display button and navigate to Ambient Display setting. Moreover, if you want to completely stop the app’s notification, you can go to Setting, choose ‘Sound and Notification’ and then tab to ‘App Notification’. Now, you will ask to choose the app you want to block, just choose the app and the process gets done.

  • You can customise your notification

This is another way of handling your problem regarding notification. If there is a ring tone setting system provide on any application, you can easily set up your own ringtones of each app. This way you will able to identify the notification of certain apps and you will no longer need to keep your mobile on silent mode.Though you get busy sometimes in offices or classes, but there is always a possibility of some urgent calls and messages to come. Thus, being a regular user of many android apps you can’t deny the incoming notifications of your most used apps.

 So, you can customise your android application by setting different kinds of ringtones or alert system. This will enable you to save your time and fix the disturbances caused during your working hours.

  • Get a Dynamic Notification application

This is an amazing app that gives you the flexibility to choose and set the ringtones of different apps. You can easily notify the important one and act accordingly. You can select some of your most regularly used applications and enable the notification on your device.Dynamic notification app is easy to use, to see details of notification you can swipe right, to dismiss the notification just swipe up and to unlock swipe left. So, this can be another helpful tool for managing your notification.

Thus, you can easily manage your less important notification by following some of the steps which are mentioned in this article. Hope you got some of your confusion clear. Hence, you can follow any of this according to your needs.


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