Snapchat download for Android

Nowadays through the development of technologies, we are getting applications like Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook and much more where we can communicate with our friends, share pictures, give comments etc same like the above apps Snapchat is also the one application. It is an app where you can take pictures by using different types of filters, special effects etc. The Process of Snapchat download for Android is very simple.


If you want to feel every moment by capturing photos, communicating with friends and using lots of funny filters then you can go for Snapchat it is nearly similar to Instagram in sharing stories, chatting, and in capturing photos with various filters. Snapchat has more filters than Instagram where you can capture your pictures, do video recording by changing voices.

Snapchat is a good app where you can share quick photos messages with your friends easily. Give it a try to this new app by follow our topic Snapchat download for Android.

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How to download Snapchat for Android?

If you are searching for an app where you can snap quick photos, communicate, share stories then Snapchat will be the best app for your Android. To download it on your Android device follow the steps given below and get downloaded.

Here are the steps to download Snapchat:

  • To download the apps go to Google Play Store.
  • Now start typing the name of the apps in the searching bar to get it.
  • After typing the name there will be shown many options
  • Select the one that you wanted to install.
  • Snapchat app will be shown on your screen tap on the install button and start getting downloaded on your device.
  • Follow some pop-up instruction allow it to get it done.
  • Snapchat have been installed successfully on your device open it and give it a try.

These were the steps of downloading snapchat on your device. Download it by following the steps and start using the apps by communicating, sending quick photo messages, video messages etc. It also offers amazing features to know scroll it down.

Features of Snapchat for Android

You may not know some of the hidden features that snapchats offers for Android to know see the list given below.

Specific features of Snapchat:

  • Shoot 60 seconds snaps – This is one of the hidden features of snapchat where you can shoot or record videos up to 60 seconds. To shoot videos you will just need to hold the recording button till 60 seconds.
  • Draw with emoji – It is another feature where you can draw with the help of emoji. You can use it by tapping on the icon while shotting a snap.
  • Create your own Geofilter – these features will help to create Geofilters for occasions like wedding, birthdays etc. To use this go to your snapchat settings tap on Geofilters and start using it wherever you want.
  • Use Multiple filters- Start snapping photos with the help of various filters by tapping and holding on the screen with your finger and start swiping to get the filters on top use it to give a new look.
  • Save Data – Snapchat is one of the applications which help the users in saving the amount of data. To save data you will need to enable Travel Mode. You will find this mode by swiping down from camera screen.

Snapchat offers these features for the users. Download it and take the full advantage of the app by the snapping photo with multiple features, communicating with your friends and much more.



Snapchat can say as one of the best apps for snapping photos quickly. If you are searching the apps where you can save data and can get multiple filters while snapping photo quickly then why don’t you try Snapchat. It is one of the best and useful apps which will help you to communicate with your friends easily and quickly. Download it and give it a chance.




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