How To Save Phone Battery Life While Playing High Graphics Games!

Nowadays Smartphone has become a very important device in our everyday life. The smartphone will not only help you to store any of your important files and documents but it also let you use the internet. Apart from using your desktop for a game, people now are using a smartphone as a gaming device.The Smartphone offers entertainment with the help of games but some games are there which are high-end graphics game and it can quickly cut your phones battery life.

Save Phone Battery

If your smartphone battery makes you angry and annoys you then in this article I will tell you some of the tips by which you will be able to improve the battery life of your phone. Following some tips, you don’t need to think about your mobile battery life, you can paly all high-end graphic games such as Pokemon, Clash of Clans, Temple Run 2, etc. Below I am listing some tips by which you will be able to save the phone’s battery life are as follows:

1. You can turn on your phone to the power saver mode

If you turn on your phone power saver mode then you can save your phone battery life.Nowadays most of the games come with the power saver option, to minimize the use of battery life of phone while playing the games.

There are many games which come with built-in power saver option. To enable the power saver option you will just need to open the app and then tap on the settings option then you have to scroll down the menu until and unless you see the option of power saver mode.You don’t have to worry if your games don’t have the power saver mode then you can enable the power saver mode by going to the setting option of your phone.

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2. Slow down the volume of the game

Make sure that whenever you are high-end graphic games then to turn off the volume or slow down the volume of the game so that the battery life of your phone doesn’t get waste.

3. Lower the brightness of your phone

If you will lower the brightness of your phone then the battery life of your phone will be long. So decrease the brightness of your phone and you will able to play the games without any interruption for long hours.

4. While you are playing disable the Bluetooth and the Wi-fi.

Always remember while playing games on your phone try to disable the Bluetooth and wi-fi because they always tried to search for the access point.If you don’t need wi-fi for playing games then it will better to turn off the wi-fi as it will be helpful to save the battery life of your phone.

save mobile battery

5. Minimize the graphics and the animation settings

In your smartphone, you can minimize the graphics and animation by enabling the developer mode.When you will reduce the animation then you will able to feel the performance and can experience extended battery life.

6. Turn on the flight mode

If games are more important for you and you are diehard fans of high-end graphic games then you can turn on the flight mode so that the battery life of your phone can be saved for a long time.

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These are the few tips which you can follow to save the battery life of your phone. All these tips will help you to save your phone’s battery life while playing high-end graphic games. These tips are effective and by following all these tips you will get an instant improvement in the battery life of your phone.

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