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Root Explorer APK would be helpful when you root your Android device, as after rooting the Android device you might lose your default file manager or might not work. Root Explorer would support your device exploring all the content from your device storage. It is an ultimate file explorer for rooted Android devices.Root Explorer Apk

So, if you have just rooted your device and looking for it then you should stick to this article. In this article, I will give you a free Root Explorer APK download link. Let me concern about its usage advantages and before you download Root Explorer App.

Advantages of Root Explorer App:

As I have said, this is a top-rated root Android file manager that you can have on your rooted. A lot of powerful included features make it an awesome file explorer on your rooted device. Features like Google Drive or cloud storage backup support, archive file, zip or unzip files, multiple file managing option, execute scripts, multiple tab support, create zip files etc. etc. But that not the end here, you get more useful features in it. Let’s highlight its features properly.

  • It includes major Cloud Storages like Google Drive and Dropbox, where you can backup your files for further safety.
  • Multiple file selection and can be move, cut, rename, delete and much more.
  • You can create a zip file, unzip a zip file.
  • The user interface is simple and easy to use.
  • An include browser lets direct access to the internet for further task and help.
  • It supports XML view, can change the file permission, ownership etc.
  • Support on almost every Android version.
  • A shortcut can be created on your Home Screen for instant access.
  • A useful search bar helps to find your file easily without wasting time for opening the folders one by one.
  • File sharing feature lets you share with another device.

These all features make it a recommended file explorer that you can have on your rooted device. Though there are a lot of file explorer for a rooted device, this is actually worth. So, seeing its features if you are excited to download Root Explorer, follow the below-given link to get it for free on your rooted Android device.

Download Root Explorer Apk for Free:

Now simply download this app on the device from the below given free apk download link. And after that, I will guide you installing it on your device.

How to install Root Explorer APK on a rooted Android device?

Well, after downloading this file manager, you will have to install the root_explorer.apk file on your device because downloading an apk file will not get automatically installed. Now, let guide you installing your downloaded apk file.

But before you make done, there is one thing that you must do.

Make sure if our device has permission for installing third-party sources.  Or if you are not sure about it then follow the below simple steps.

  • Go to your Android device Settings.
  • Then go to Security Settings, there you will find Unknown sources. Make sure if it is a checked mark or not. Click on this option if it is unchecked or leave it checked.

That’s it, now you can install your apk file with another simple method. Check it out how to obtain this method with below steps.

  • In case you have downloaded the Root Explorer APK on your PC or laptop then connect your device to that PC. And now transfer your downloaded apk file to Android device.
  • Now go to your file manager and search for the Root Explorer apk file. After finding the apk file, click on it.
  • An installation wizard will pop-up with Install and Cancel
  • Just click on the Install button and follow the installation wizard one by one.
  • It will take few seconds to get installed on your device completely. You don’t need to do anything, after completing the installation. Just go to your device app drawer, where you will find Root Explorer App icon. That’s it you have successfully downloaded the Root Explorer APK file on your rooted Android Smartphone.

All these steps you have to follow to install Root Explorer app on your device. Now you can enjoy managing your storage files in a better way.

Root Explorer is a powerful utility app that you must have on your rooted Android Smartphone. Because this allows you accessing your files and manage them in a smart way. I have mentioned you on above regarding its features, which you can experience after downloading the app. To download free Root Explorer APK get the free download link from above and install the app file as mentioned just before.

Hope this would help to experience this file managing app on your root device. If you have more queries relating to this explorer app or any issue following any steps then feel free to comment on the comment box.

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