7 Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android

People think that the slow motion technology is only in high end video cameras but nowadays with the advancement of technology you can create slow motion videos on your Smartphone. If you are an Android Smartphone user and love to watch and share slow motion videos to your friends and family, then there are some apps that can provide you with best slow motion video apps.

Why do you want to create slow motion videos? These slow motion videos are very fun to watch and will give a different experience of the video you watching. You get to watch the little things that you have missed while watching the video in regular mode. It is also very helpful while you are learning something like dance steps or some kind of craft. The benefits of slow motion videos are endless. So, below are the lists of 7 best slow motion video apps for android.

List of 7 Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android:

Below are some of the best slow motion video apps that you can use on your Android Phone.

  1. Slow Motion Video FX:

    best slow motion apps

Slow motion videos FX is a very relevant application for your Android device for watching slow motion videos. With this app, you can record video and can make it slow or fast. There are options to select the speed so that you can control how much slow or fast a video should be. Video can be made half of its original speed through this app. You can also create a copy of the video without disturbing its original speed.

  1. SloPro:

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It is another app through which you can make the videos slow or fast. One of the best features of this app is that it will allow you to make a video slow and fast in real time. Only you have to play a video and select the speed of the video according to your choice. There are six video playing speeds of which three are fast and three are low.

  1. Fast & Slow Motion Video Tool:

    best slow motion app

You can make a video slow and fast with this app. You have to select the video and need to specify the area that you want to make slow or fast. This app will not trim the part automatically; you have to do it manually. You need to provide the speed and tap on the ok button to start the conversion of the speed of the video.

  1. KM Player:

This app supports HD videos and has amazing controlling features.  If you want to make an HD video slow or fast then KM Player is the right choice for you. You can decrease or increase the speed of the video when the video is ongoing.

  1. VideoShop:

    create slow motion video apps

With it, you can easily make a video slow or fast using the horizontal slider present in it. With this app, you can also share those videos on social media. It also has some tools through which you can edit the videos but for editing, you need some time to familiar with.

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  1. Video Dieter 2:

Video Dieter 2 is another video editing app through which you can make videos slow and fast. The slow and fast features of this app only unlock when you will share this app with your friends. It is a very reliable app for changing the speed of your video. There are also many video editing features which you will get to know while using this application.

  1. Hudi Techique:

slow video apps

The Hudi Technique is an application specially designed for sports and athletes. This app also provides with slow motion feature that can be enabled in real time. This is a very relevant app for sports persons as by using it they can learn the game by watching the game of their opponents in slow motion.

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The above written are the list of 7 best slow motion video apps for Android which will help you for watching videos in slow motion. You can also create slow motion videos directly from your smartphone using these apps. Slow motion video apps are very useful nowadays. All the above-listed apps are very popular and widely used, so download any of the above and share your world your creativeness.


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