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You may have seen many game videos on YouTube where you can only see the game? Now you may have wonder how do they do only screen recording. Then let me clear you that is recorded with screen recorder app which you can also have it on your device. There are lots of best screen recorder app in the app market that you can have it on your device. All the screen recorder software is having some of the amazing features in it which has made them very popular in the app market.

The most important part of these best screen recorder software is that most of the app comes for free of cost. So you can use this software on your device for free of cost. But as there are lots of recorder apps in the market, let’s have a look at the best screen recorder app that you should have on your device. So let’s have a brief look at some of the best screen recorder app.

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10 Best Screen Recorder:

#1.Az screen recorder:

AZ Screen Recorder is one of the best screen recorders for your Smartphone. There is no need to get your phone rooted simply to use the screen recorder app on your phone without any limits. It is completely free from the watermark, annoying ads and the most important part is that the interface of the app is very simple which makes it easy to use.
az recorder

Key Features of AZ screen recorder:

  • Record the screen of any game into HD or Full HD quality video.
  • AZ screen recorder allows you to pause or resume video while recording.
  • A magic button lets you handle the controls the record without displaying anything on the mobile screen.
  • An additional feature of the screen recorder is video resolution settings, screen orientation, trim video, etc.

#2. ilos Screen Recorder:                                                                 

ilos screen recorder is one of the most powerful apps that allows you to record videos. Choose the screen recorder in your Smartphone to start record any kind of screen video. It is built with simple user interface and very easy to perform.


Key features of ilos Screen Recorder:

  • Let you record videos with the unlimited screen of recording time.
  • It is completely free from any watermark or ads.
  • Compatible with many devices of the Android version of the lollipop and higher to it.
  • Share the screen recorded files into Facebook, also upload to YouTube or Dropbox.

#3.Mobizen Screen Recorder:

Mobizen Screen Recorder is one of the popular screen recorder app available in Google Play Store. The screen recorder is quite easy to handle and uses as it allows you to record and edit the videos on the go.


Key features of Mobizen Screen Recorder:

  • Record videos from any video screen in FULL HD quality.
  • Enable you to capture the videos of any game and voice too with Facecam.
  • There is no limitation of screen video record file size in Mobizen.
  • Use the video editing features to Trim and cut the images of the videos in Mobizen Screen recorder.

#4.ADV Screen Recorder:

Adv Screen Recorder allows you to record your screen or video without capturing the menu options. If you want, you can also navigate out of ADV Screen Recorder. If you are ready to start to make a video simply tap on the camera icon. Now let’s have a look at the features of the ADV screen recorder.


Key Features of Adv Screen Recorder:

  • Start to record screen using 2 engines that are the default and advanced.
  • It lets you pause the recording at any moment.
  • Select your text with the full customization mode.
  • To include yourself in the screen recording video you can also use the front camera of your device.

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#5.RecMe Free Screen Recorder:

RecMe is a free Screen recorder that lets you record the screen of the videos or audio. The application is totally free from the watermark, limitless recording, HD quality videos, etc. RecMe Free Screen Recorder is supported in unrooted Smartphone.


Key Features of RecMe Free Screen Recorder:

  • Choose picture quality of screen recorder ranging from 360p to 1080p at 32 Mbits/s bitrate.
  • The screen recorder app also you to record voice in the video.
  • Extra features like image overlay, screen drawing in the pro version.
  • Manage the screen records with control on the widget, also in the notifications.

#6.Game Screen Recorder:

Game Screen Recorder is a premium version screen recording application. It is especially for capturing the screen or videos of your favorite games. It can be installed into your Smartphone without rooting your device.

screen recorder

Key Features of Game Screen Recorder:

  • Game Screen Recorder has the ability to record the screen of the game installed on your phone that is limitless of time.
  • Edit the prolog to add in your videos.
  • Use the record button mode for setting the transparency while recording, also upload a picture of you own in the video recording.
  • Pause, record the screen recording ay time, and select the choice of the record button in the display of the video.

#7.Lollipop Screen Recorder:

Lollipop Screen Recorder is a simple screen recorder app available for your Smartphone in the Google Play. With the help of this screen recorder, you can record any video in the app compatible devices. Videos are very to search from any folder location.


Key Features of Lollipop Screen Recorder:

  • Save the record video files into your phone memory card.
  • Record any games into the full-screen resolution and high-quality videos.
  • Customize by setting the resolution, orientation and also the bitrate.
  • You can record start delay, stop record on screen off and record audio.

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#8.One Shot Screen Recorder:

One Shot is a unique screen recorder app that is designed for capturing videos and it is premium. The trial version of the screen recorder app allows you to capture videos in free with the watermark. Into the premium version of one Shot Screen Recorder app, you can save video without any watermark.

one shot

Key Features of One Shot Screen Recorder:

  • Add feature in the premium version of the app is no watermark.
  • Display you with your own logo while recording screen.
  • Set the notification icons into the hidden mode.
  • Completely free from any unwanted ads.

#9.Screen recorder – Du Recorder:

Screen Recorder–DU Recorder is free to use as it is stable to use. It offers high-quality screen video record. The recording done with this screen recorder apps enable you clear & smooth video. Record as long as you want to with the unlimited time of recording using the app.

du recorder

Key Features of Screen Recorder-DU Recorder:

  • Screen Recorder-DU Recorder is completely free to use.
  • Record unlimited number of video in your memory storage.
  • Trim the video or remove the middle portion of the video.
  • Shake the device option to stop the app from the recording of the screen.

#10.Unlimited Screen Recorder:

Unlimited Screen Recorder is a free mobile screen or video recording app. It offers you the facility to record the screen easily and perform smoothly. You can record unlimited length of videos, also add audio files or your voice into it.

unlimited screen recorder

 Key Features of Unlimited Screen Recorder:

  • Set your videos to save on your desired folder location.
  • Use the real-time voice presentation with the help of microphone in the video record.
  • It does not include any watermark into the recorded video.
  • Optimize mode is available for improving the performance.

So these are all the best screen recorder apps for your device that you can have it. Some of the apps come for free, but looking at the features it is worth paying. All the apps are having different features, so it is all upto you for which one to choose according to your needs. So this is it, if you are having some more screen recording apps in your list then you can comment us below.

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