7 Best Apps Like Snapchat for Android and iOS

Snapchat is a popular messaging app and widely used app by millions of people around the world.  In Modern days people of all ages uses smartphones and several convenient apps and many apps like Snapchat that have come up to make the conversation easy on our tip of the finger that is instant texting, chatting in a group, free callings and much more exciting within the app has become popular.

Recently, Snapchat has launched a disappearing feature of images or videos within 24 hours which has gone viral all over the world and became famous. Well, in today’s post I am going to share 7 best apps like Snapchat for Android and iOs so that you can communicate with your loved ones far and near instantly and easily whose functions are alike Snapchat.

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7 Best Apps like Snapchat for Android and iOS

#1: Facebook Messenger

Facebook is a popular social networking site and to make the communication even better, Facebook has introduced its messaging app separately called Messenger.  This Messenger populates your contacts automatically and you can also add contacts. Here, you will find several exciting features that will make your chat fun like stickers, emojis and much more.

Through this app, you can send images, videos, audios, send record voice, and also GIFs.  Not only that, you can make a free call and also video chat with your family and friends which is totally reliable. The Android users can keep the Chat heads on your device screen conveniently. This amazing messaging app alternatives to Snapchat is available for both Android and iOS.

#2: Whatsapp Messenger

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Whatsapp does not need an introduction because this is familiar to everyone and has it installed on their smartphones. Whatsapp messaging app has gained popularity and one of the most downloaded apps and has millions of users till date. Nowadays, in most smartphones, this cool app comes by default. So, I can say, Whatsapp can be the best replacement of Snapchat and make your communication easy.

Whatsapp has features similar to Snapchat like you can make instant messaging, free callings, video callings, send images, videos, audios, files, documents and much more easily. You can create a group of friends and can stay connected always. So, get this app for your Android and iOS devices and enjoy.

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#3: ClipChat

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Clipchat is another best and app like Snapchat that has an interesting feature of 5-second video and photo message that enables you to send it to your friends and it will be deleted once your friends have them viewed. Clipchat comes with exciting features, has user friendly interface and much more.

#4: Telegram

snapchat alternatives

Telegram is also an amazing app like Snapchat that has a special feature of self-destructing images, messages, and much more. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices and even runs on Windows too.

The users can now send instant messages by setting a timer for the expiry of your messages so that it will be deleted itself. With this app, you can encrypt, coordinate, destruct, synchronize your messages as it has better security options.

#5: Burn Note

apps like snapchat

Burn note is a private messaging app but the functions are more or less like a Snapchat. Just like Snapchat, you can send messages securely and once the messages are read, it will be deleted by itself automatically. Burn Note messaging app is pretty cool that leave no traces or any notes although, it does support the video or image chatting facility.

#6: Google Hangouts

snapchat alternatives for android

Google Hangouts is another popular messaging app compatible for all Android devices and also available for iOS devices too. Google Hangouts allows you to chat with your family and friends easily and for free but you need to have a Google account. With this app, you can send images, videos, GIFs, make free calls as well as video calls, group calls, etc. It allows the user to use this amazing app on your PC or Laptop too apart from mobile phones.

#7: Viber

snapchat alternatives for ios

Viber messaging app is also similar to Snapchat. This app automatically adds contacts and you can start texting with the use of several amazing stickers, emoticons, and also allows you to make calls and video callings. It lets you to also share photos with your friends.

Not only that, you can also make an International as well as domestic calls with the interesting feature called Viber Out with very low rates. You can also make a call for free from Viber to Viber. There is a color coded encrypted messaging available for the users.

So, these are the 7 best apps like Snapchat for Android and iOS devices all you need to know and a must have apps. All of these messaging apps are just amazing and works perfectly well. You can choose anyone of the above apps which are all having a similar function like Snapchat. Get these apps downloaded on your Android and iOS devices from your device play store or App store and enjoy all the exciting features.

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