What is the best GPU and CPU overclocking software-6 Best CPU Overclocking Software for Windows

For any device, the most important thing is having good graphic and CPU speeds. Having bad CPU and GPU, the processing speed of your PC might affect your work or gaming speed. So, if you are facing such problem on your device then there are some best tools for enhancing the CPU and GPU speed of your Computer.

There are many tools that can help in overclocking your Windows CPU and GPU securely. In this post, I will discuss about the top 6 best CPU overclocking software for Windows. However, it is good to know that excessive overclocking your device CPU and GPU many decreases the warranty of your GPU.

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Top 6 Best CPU Overclocking Software for Windows:

 #1. AMD Overdrive

AMD overlocking software

This software is absolutely easy to use and have a very simple users interface. The AMD Overdrive technology enables users to manually monitor the performance by pushing it upto the limit via BIOS. Using this software, users can easily customize and create a profile for some specific applications.The AMD Overdrive is an automatic overclocking system that improves the system’s frequencies. It completely controls the speed and enhances the performances of the system.

Using the AMD Overdrive users can easily monitor the clock memory, memory timing, and voltage or the device functionality. So, this will enable game lover to play good games in Windows computer without facing slowing down of device speed.

#2.EVGA Precision X

best overlocking software

The EVGA Precision X is an explosive tool that looks over the memory clocks, voltage, GPU clock, profile as well. This system gives full support to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphic cards and also set the independent voltage for unlimited control. The good thing about this software is that it has a good user interface.

It includes the features like GPU, Memory card control, voltage control, custom fan control, OSD interface, RGB colour support, etc. This provides one click overclocking feature and finding the optimal voltage using the scan mode.

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#3.Riva Tuner

This software is everything that you need to have to boost the processor speed of your computer. Using this software you can easily customize the settings as it has flexible profiling system that gives the tuning options. The Riva Tuner supports all kinds of NVIDIA display adapters that includes the Riva TNT, GeForce 7 series, Detonator 2.08 and much more.

This software has added few new features such as database for ForceWare 182.06, Catalyst 9.2 driver family detection, updated PCI deviceID and many more.

#4.Intel Desktop Control Center

This software helps you to tune and maximize the performances of the Intel series desktop. There are many key features that this software has come up with for its users such as system monitoring. The system monitoring completely monitors and adjust the temperatures, fan speed and voltage of your computer.

The software takes control over memory, overclocking CPU for better optimal performance, etc. The integrated auto-tuning makes the system optimization easy and maintains stability. However, the stability test is available only for DP55KG, DP55SB, and DX58SO.

#5.ATI Tray Tools

ATI Tray Tools is effective enough to give a good overclocking to your Windows CPU and GPU. It completely manages the core, shader, hardware monitoring, stress testing, memory, etc of your Windows operating system. Apart from that this software also acts as temperature monitoring, FAN control and also tweak the overriding pixel, Vertex shaders perfectly.

This software supports display rotation, MMC applications, HYDRAVISION applications, VPU Recover, DMA Copy, etc. The software provides audio recorder, monitoring graphs, screenshots system, Powerful Plug-in support, PCI Register set and much more.

#6.Sapphire TriXX

Overlocking windows software

If your device is of AMD or ATI graphics card then Sapphire TriXX will be the best software for overclocking your Windows PC. This software enables you to create log features for later analysis purposes. The software completely looks after your gaming by overclocking the GPU perfectly. This reduces the clock speed, fan speed, and gives you awesome movie times and gaming hours on your computer.

The TriXX software features five custom profiles that easily saves the tweaks and it also provides automatic modes which set a good performance. Colour control and speed control features are included in this software which makes the customization easier.

So, these are the best CPU Overclocking Software for Windows and you can start using any of it. I hope that you will able to manage good performances of your Windows device using any of this software. Thus, boost your device CPU and GPU perfectly and improve your activities on your computer.

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