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How GST Can Boost The Indian Economy- One Nation One Tax

GST means Goods and Services Tax which is applied in every goods and product, sold for domestic consumption. GST comes under 101st Constitution Amendment Act 2016. It is a type of indirect tax across India which is applied to replace the taxes levied by the state and central government.  The main Chairman of GST is

Best Screen Recorder For Your Device

You may have seen many game videos on YouTube where you can only see the game? Now you may have wonder how do they do only screen recording. Then let me clear you that is recorded with screen recorder app which you can also have it on your device. There are lots of best screen

How to customize and Tweak Your Mac’s Dock

In the Mac, the dock is the main bar of an icon which is located on the bottom of the screen. It allows you to customise many apps. And also you can add different apps, files, folders on your own. But you can also customise and tweak your dock in different ways as your requirements.

Working Top 5 Candy Crush Saga Cheats

As we know that candy crush has become so much popular game now a day. Peoples of all ages are getting interested in playing this game. This game provides a great freshness and generates interest in everybody’s mind.  So starting from the Level 1 you will feel easy to go forward up to certain level